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carrying the prisoner, senseless into our enclosure. They layd him in the wett sand, and went away. We prisoners with hat coats on at the time of their arrest undressed, and covered this unfortunate lad with same. He draw our attention for about an hour, us chaffing his hands, and doing everything possible to get the lad back to his sences. On our attention proving without avail I complained to the sergeant again. Giving me desame answer as previously he left. Shortly afterwards two soldiers of the sanitary force came in, and toke him into the arrest cell, wher he layed on one blanket for the rest of the night. The next morning he wher addet to our quantity again. Owing the night being wett and cold, and sleep out of the question, a prisoner started a song, in wich we all started in the chorus. Ones the singing had started it never stopped untill morning. We sang German and english songs, in fact

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