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footed & minus their underclothing. The Escapes & the consequences. A few days after the Melbourne transport had arrived hier in our camp, one of this transport by name of Meyer managed to effect this escape, on an unknown Road. He enjoyed his freedom for the period of 4 months when he wher recaptured working for a Farmer close to Albury & returned to Camp, wher he wher put into the Lockup & awaited the trial. In the Lockup he remained for the period of 6 weeks when he wher sentenced by a tribunal, consisting wholy of Military Officers to 9 months imprisonment with hard labor. Shortely after another Internee named Andree effected his escape while working in the "Bushe party". He also wher recaptured & put in the Lockup wher he remained for the Period of 10 weeks. Owing it getting to the Comittees ear, that Andree wher going nearly made in the Lockup it seen fitt to send a petition around the Camp for signature for the release of Andree. This wher signed by over 4 000 Internees & with this the President pf our Committee seen the Major begging him to release Andree, that owing Andree hawing being in the Lock Up for

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