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for "time to think it over". This wher only as an excuse to get back to Camp, for who ever would hawe dreamt in our midst, to accept the "Word of Honor" from a man as our Camp Comandant had proved to be. They looked upon this offering as a "Swindel". They told us of their conversation with the Major on their return, & told us in a body, if rich or poor, we would stick together, & see some come out of this strike victorious. This gave more hearth to the poorer & working class. At 8 p.m on same day our Committee layd our demands before the Comandant in writing. At first the Comandant would not recognise the "Strike Committee, but would only recognise the Company Comanders. So some of the Company Comanders went before him & wher informed, that owing the position of Company Comander had been giwen to them by him, they had no right to drop their jobs at the Internees request, so he demanded of them to return to their post & to prove loyal. This they however declined to do. So the "Stike" wher in full swing. A "Strike" to do away with the brutal, inhuman treatment, & a demand that we should be recognised as Men, allthough "German" or as they wher usually called hier "The Huns".

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