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Cardiff, in Wales. I shipped on board a englishe Sailing Ship bound for the Island Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean, with a cargo of Coals. After a two months voyage we arrived their. After laying in the Port Luis Harbor for about seven weeks, discharging, we received orders to sail for Wallaroo, Australia. After another months sailing, I had my first glimpse of Australia, the Land of my adoption. Shortly previous to the departure of the Ship for Falmouth  €“ England, with a cargo of Grain I deserted. After being in hiding for a few days in the Bushe, I seen the Ships setting sails. Knowing now to being free again, and not being looked for "by the Authority" for desertion, I ventured into town. I soon found lodging with private people, wich wher very kind to me, in fact I wher treated as one of the family. I worked in the Smelters thier for about a yeahr. Having found the australian population, so kind and generous, I decidet to remain in the Colonies. This being in the yeahr 1901. I worked in Australia untill 1909, when I left these shores, to have another look of the World, previous to me settling down. So saying Au revoir, I wendet my way first to London, than Hamburg. After a three month stay, I wendet my way back to sunny Australia via Canada and South America. Arriving

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