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victim. This outrage wher the result of a General strike in our Camp. Owing us all in a body refusing to work the next day, owing the allmost unhuman treatment we received at the Hands of the Military Authoritys, the Cantine Recreation tent & Coffee Stalls wher closed by order of the Comandant. Whe wher forbidden to join in any sort of Recreation. Our boundary fence wher doubled with Soldier-Guard with strict Order to shoot anyone not complying with rules issued to us. No Pris went to work during forenoon. About 2 p.m we wher ordered to "fall in on [arade". We wher spoken to by Lieutenant Eaton, wich gave us 5 minutes grace, to think it all over, if we still than refused to work, we all would be shot. While we listened to this order, Captain Schmidt of the Germ. Imperial Force wher arrested & led into the Bushe, escorted by a strong guard of Soldiers fully armed. This Capt wher looked upon by the Authoritys in charge of our Camp as the Ring-leader. While still all standing their, making use of the grace granted us, we heard a volly of ahots fired, from the direction of the Bushe wher they had led Capt Schmidt. So we all thought, the Captain

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