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to dry clothing of any discription, we wher forced to hang same unto the Barb Wire fence, wich wher all around our Compound. But "O Pitty" if it had rained during the day, and we left it hanging out during the night. We only found rags in the morning instead of a good wearing appearal. The Soldiers on sentry during the night fancying themselves in the trenches somewhere in Flanders or Gallipoli, putting the Bayonet as often through the article as it would possible stand, thinking no doubt as the appearal belonged to a Enemy Subject they wher justyfied in hawing Bayonet practice. As the clothing supplied by the Government only consistet in 8 months of a dungaree suit, white linen hat 1 pair of trousers 3 shirts 1 pair of Boots and one sweater, all of poor quality. Many Prisoners wher forced through the actiones of the Soldiers to run about allmost naked. We complained to the commandant without ever getting justice, or having those wearing appearal replaced. All our complaints we had to direct to the second Officer in charge, as we only wher

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