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had been shot. Especially so, when we seen the guard return, two of them carried picks, some carried shovels. It looked to us, as if they had been send by their superior Officers to do so, previous to Capt Schmidts arrest. This outrage made us more determined to carry the Strike to a successful issue. Yes, we even vouched that if need must be, we all would rather face the bulet, than turn "Strikebreaker" also we would not return to work until Capt Schmidt had been returned to our midst. Our other terms wher, that it should be made impossible for noncomissioned Officers, to fire or sentence any pris, without the sanction of the Comandant. Also we demandet of the Australian Military, to issue soap to us, while same keept us interned. We demandet at least, anough soap to enable us to washe ourself & to washe our wearing appearal. Our Strike, however, I am sorry to say, collapsed owing too many Internees wher frightened to loose their lifes. So rather than to be shot, they turned "Blagleg" & went to work. These "Blacklegs" never entered our Compound no more but wher quartered in the Soldiers lines in tents. These wher done to the Strike

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