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anything what came into our heads anything wher good enough to asist in making the time fly by. About 8 a.m. the next morning, we wher told to come out, to being led to the convinience, also to have a washe. Our escort consistet only of Officers and sub officers. Previous to us marching off, we seen as everyone of those Officer receiving orders to put cartridges into their magazines, also one in case of emergency into the Barrel, wich instruction they of course obeyed in our view. An old Sergeant advicing us not to speak a word to anyone, as they had orders to shoot the first one found speaking, we proceedet in funeral style to the washing place. Thance to the convinience. On ourway their our number wher addet by another prisoner, wich dared to say "good morning" to us. While at the convinience we heard 4-5 revolver shots. A prisoner remarking under his breath "He" meaning the Camp Comandant "is going

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