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through the crack of the door, drawing his automatic revolver, putting it behind his back, and advancing towards our cell, I told my mates to be quite wich they did at ones. The commandant stood within 2 paces of our cell door with the revolver behind him for about fully 5 minutes. I am shure he would have shot, through the door, if we had started singing again. That same would have hit one or two of my fellow prisoners been a certainty, owing us being packed so close together. About 5 p.m. we seen through the cracks of our hotel "the soldiers buisy laboring, driving iron posts into the ground and running Barbwire around it. Of course we all toke it for granted, that this should be only an excersise yard for prisoners of war sentenced for a long term in arrest. The space as afterwards proved to be 15 feet by 9 feet. We had guessed right, but wrong all the same, "like" Patty sayd, we had forgotten the sleeping acomo

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