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bottom part, with yellow painted buttones, suitable brocade and tin medals galore, substituted, the smart Officers jacket. White trousers made into Riding breeches, seaboots and spurs, borrowed from some civil interned boundary Riders, completed the Uniform. The dresses for the curtladys, wher cut by an expert Ladys cutter, also interned, the stuff we had procured through the stores. The necessary long hair wher made out of Manilla rope and dyed different collor. The hats wher made out of fencing wire with some clothing, and paper flowers. So six of our prisoners wher transferred into nice and handsome Curtladys. This brought many a prisoner the thought and the knowledge, that he had a sweethearth or wife somewher on this globe awaiting patiently his return. The night previous to this perticular day we marched according to German custom, around through our Camp with torches made out of broken bottles and candles. Our Band leading. Early the next morning at 6 a.m.

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