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around this space wher a strong treble fence out of Barb Wire with Wire entanglements between each fence. To this wher empty Kerosine tines hung, containing a few smal stones. In case anyone trying to escape, & only touched one of the wires, those tins would make a noise & so the culprit at ones detetected. The Housing acomodation wher old & rotten Military Tents, full of Holes. So if it wher raining the water would leak through, their wher no floring boards in same. The cooking, they had to effect on open fire places, the wood for same got carted right into this compound. No Sentry or Internee wher permitted to speak to them. All personal effects wher taken away from them. No reading, smoking ectra permitted. The Sentry had strict Instructiones to shoot any one coming within 6 feet of the fence & to shoot to kill. The washing acomodation wher an open shower bath, very deterimental to a persones health in cold weather. So the Committee toke a pitty & forwardet the following application to the Camp Comandant

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