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had anything to say, I enquired why my sentence had been so severe, also that "I demandet to have a right to explain, previous to be sentenced": I wher told, "if you don't keep quite, you goe to jail too". Not being eager to goe their I followed his advice. So we wher sentenced, some to jail, others to water and bread, for a long period, without hawing had the right, to defend ourself. However a Prisoners of War seems, to have no rights and not to be entitled to Justice. Only those wich are in charge of Prisoners of War or Civil Internet, have "Rights" by galore, as I hawe found out. We wher sentenced to remain in this enclosure, 15 feet by 9 feet, suroundet by a barbwire fence, without any protection from either side, also without a roof for 14 days water and bread. Horror. If I think back of those two weeks, it makes me shiver. I prefer to spend 2 weeks in a tomb, in company of a corpse, rather than hawe those two weeks in the barbwire over

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