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to grant all Laborers 20 minutes "Spell" called usually "Smoke O" Lieutenant Eaton stopped us of this privilege. Owing 2 Internees, Residents of Australia for a number of yeahrs remonstrating with this Liuetenant, that this wher against the principle of Unionism they wher placed in the Lock Up for the period of two days. I wishe it hier to be understood Lock Up allways means "Separation from the Rest of the Internees quartered in the Loghouse formerly explained and fed only on a Water & Bread diet" with all privileges taken away from them like smoking, Reading, Singing ectra. Owing this Lock Up hawing no Convinience of any sorts, they had to apply to the sentry wich escorted the Internee to the Soldiers Convinience. Owing on one ocassion an Internee in the Lock Up aplying to be led to the Convinience and this Request wher not granted, these Pris wher forced to urinate inside on the Ground. For these offence, same wher sentenced to 4 weeks in the Government Jail on hard Labor. Our camp we considered a German Colony. So we allways flew the Hamburg City Flag at the Masthead or Flag Pole, wich we had errected. Owing this flag

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