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as their "Mascott" on their Journey. So our pet Star "Jarky" even went to the front in "Gallipoli", or "died somewher in Flanders". About middle February a wealthy German Merchant of Sydney wher interned in our midst. Owing Regulation to have all luggage searched previous to same being admitted to enter our Camp, he wher forced to leave same in charge of the Military Police, wich generally done all searching. On same being delivered the next morning to the Owner he found all his jewellery & a great quantity of money missing. He complained of his loss to the Camp Comandant & asked for a Reciept for same. Owing him not getting satisfaction of any sort, he thought of the management of this Camp, in plain englishe language. This wher too much for the Comandant becourse "Truth hurts" so he ordered the Looser to be arrested & put into Lock Up for 30 days. On February 19 while being employed falling trees in the Bush Partie a Internee sprained his ankle. Same wher asisted to the Camp hospital. The Hospital Sergeant Meyer "The Demon & Terror of the sick, received the Patient with

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