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At the comencement the Orchester howed 9 Instruments, this however enlarged soon to 20 Instruments. July 26 we decidet to have another strike: The reason for this wher the following: It hawing come to our Ears that those arrested on day of former strike named Steinborn, Cussirke, Papot & Weuzel wher being kept under the most horible & inhuman condition in a cellar, at the old disused Berrima Jail: Also that no change of clothing had been issued to them since they wher arrested. To compell the Major to return those unfortunate, innocent suffers to our midst we decidet on this day, that unless our request wher granted "to drop tools" wich we dit. As our discipline wher "sharpened" again and Soldiers stationed all around our fence, our Strike Committee, informed us, to be very carefull owing the Guard hawing strict "Orders" to shoot at the least sign of Unrest & to shoot, to kill. With this Order, the Soldiers done their best to irretate us prisoners so, as to hawe a chance to empty their Rifle amongst us defenceless pris. The Guard in those days wher "Soldiers? & Heroes. They had

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