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in diameter and about 5 foot long, with a Pole attached to same. To pull this about wher realy Horses work & not human, especially if those unfortunates wher driven by a constant Guard with the aid of a bayonet. Yes I even hawe seen this Soldier-Guard becourse he got tired walking on the Metal while Road making sitting on the frame of the Roller, to spurring the Internees on to continues work. Of course his Bayonet acted as a Whip. Febr. 13. Owing a young Internee while at work calling out to one of his friends "hullo Carl" He wher sentenced to2 dayslock up.On the same date another pris ,wher sentenced to 5 days for picking up an old pice of rope while on the Home March from work. The New Barracks. On January 18th whe entered in to the new barracks. Allthough the appearance looked like a "Well ventilated Stable" we liked them better than the tents. These wher wooden structures about 120 yards long 10 feet high at back & 9 feet high in front. The Roofing consisted of Galvanised Iron. The whole length in front of the buildings wher "Open" Through "Cross bars" each structure wher dividet into 10 Compartments called "Mess" each Mess containing 10 Internees. Their wher no furniture of any sort, only the bar walls & a wooden floor. As it is just as well to make yourself at home any

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