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emergency cord, and so notyfied the Enginedriver to stop the train. I thought it advisable to get away from the Railway line, so noticing a homestead in the distant, I made for it. After scaling a few hedges and fences, I soon reached the outbuildings of the farm. As I know, that the train had pulled up, to a "standstill" compelled me to loose no time in finding a suitable hiding place. This I soon found in one of the out buildings. Finding a tarpaulin I crawled underneath, and remained motionless for about five minutes, when I heard the Whisle of the train. This made me venture to crawl to the Door, to see if the transport had started on its journey again. But o horror. I noticed the train steaming back. Knowing the homestead would be the first to be thoroughly searched, I made for the open again, and run in a stooping position, as fast as my legs would carry me towards some hills about 4 miles away.

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