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The husband and father being disgusted with the Government, in forcing him away [indecipherable] from his family for a yeahr or more, has sayd "good by" to these shores, to look for new fields to earn an honest living. Owing the poor mann not hawing to Cashe to pay his family fare, he has been forced to leave some in Australia, a burden to the Government or Charity. Shurley in many instances their wher no need in tearing Husband and Wife apart, for the good book destinctly tells us "What Good has joined no man shall pull asunder. The australian defence department forgot all about this verse, and tore them apart by the tausend. A man, if proved to be a disloyal, is a menance to the Country, and ought to be interned, but a Man solely of enemy Birth after swearing not to lift a wappen, either for, or against the counrty and ought to be permitted, to

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