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has the right to confiscate any money found on any gambling table. The money so confiscated shall be used in the interess of the Camp health or Recreation, as I think fitt. XVIII Complaints can be made by the Prisoner at any time. The Comandant is also willing to receive same in writing. XIX Re No 1. Voluntary Work. No Work no Pay. Any one voluntaring for work must bind himself for at least a Period of fourteen day. The Names will be taken by the Company Comander every 1 & 3 Sunday resp. in the Calender Month. One shilling will be payd for 4 hours work daily. Work shall be six days per week. If any prisoner wishes to work on Sundays, he will hawe to report to the Officer in Charge of the Work. The pay of 7s/6p shall be payd. ones per fortnight. Six pence has been deducted for Cooks pay employed in the Pris. Kitchen & the remaining 4 shillings, to put into a Bank sett apart for pris. credit, to be drawn on his release out of Internement.


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