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this being on a Saturday Night, they rushed up & found the Soldier laying on the Ground, screaming, his Gun in front of the Lock Up Door, wich wher weide open. When the Officer in Charge of the Sentry had heard the Storey & visited the Lock Up, he of course found Andree missing. Owing the suffering Soldier being taken to the Hospital for treatment, the Officer put another Sentry in his place. These Soldier hardly stood on his "beat" 5 minutes, when also he fell in a faint & they had to carry him on the stretcher to the Hospital. On us hearing of Andrees escape we wished him good luck. About a week after this episode, whe found out 3 more Internees had effected their escape in broad daylight under the most extraordinary circumstances. These wher the following. These Internees while planning their escape cut up a Military Overcoat from one of the "Queensland Internees" wich they had brought & made a imitation Australian Military Uniform. So, one of the Pris, a young Chap wich spoke well english dressed one after

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