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ning in Camp, but not hawing their Names registered rushed the Consul in a body. So our Camp Comandant being unable to prevent us, several wher able to lodge their complaints. During this interview our Comandant admitted the embezzlement of several letters wich had passed the Censor in that Country wher that closely censored, that that mostly only the heading & the Writers Name wher all the Envelope contained. The rest had been cut out at our Censors Office. Several of the rich Singapore Planters wich wher laying in the hospital under docktors treatment, wher ordered after dinner to dress to goe for a walk in the Bushe. However this wher another clever dudge of our Comandant, to prevent them complaining about their forcible Labor. Our Complaints in Camp consisted mostly of our in human treatment, about the Food & our forcible labor. Also that owing the wealthy Singapore Internees wishing to lodge Complaints, they had been forced to take a walk, so as to be out of Harms way. So the Consul ordered the Comandant to have those Pris returned immediately, wich Order of course wher obeyed instantly. The all time between 2 p.m & 5 p.m.

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