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his sermon again, wich we also dit, becourse we sayd, if a Minister cannot asist in us getting Right and Justice, also to save our lifes, we dit not require his asistance to save our souls. One day about six weeks after this incident, some higher Officials Major Logan visited our camp, to inspect, during their inspection, one of our prisoners with the photos in hand, stepped in front of the highest official a Major, and begged of an interview, for a few minutes. Our camp comandant ordered him to depart but on seeing photos in the mans hand, the Major enquired, what they wher, the prisoner than handet same to the Officer and told our complain, about the flogging, also the Stabbing. With the promise to institute a investigation, also asking permssion to keep those photos he departed with the words "this is not British justice". Their has been a [indecipherable]

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