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trying to enlist. Owing me being well build, young and healthy, the Driver of course made shure I had passed all examinations and being accepted in the Austrlaina Forces. I told him, I hads passed all examinations, but owing me not speaking perfect englishe, I had been rejected. This seemingly amused the Driver, and with the Remark "you speak englishe plain anough". He pulled up at an Hostelery. After a few drinks we proceedet on our way. He told me, he had delivered Bread to the German Concentration Camp. Also what fine time, they seemingly had. I sidet with him of course. In due course we reached Sydney, and I left him, thanking him for the ride, him passing the Remark "Never mind you harwe showed, you did not suffer with cold feet" what of course meant, you wher not afraid to fight. He wher right, I like to fight if there is a big gate. But when it comes to fight with Bullets, Worker against Worker, for the sake

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