Item 15: Frank W. Bungardy narrative of events at Torrens Island Internment Camp, 1915 and Holsworthy Internment Camp, 1915-ca. 1919 - Page 49

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hands above his head. These instruction he obeyed. His hands being than handkuffed to a Branch of a Tree, soldiers wher ordered to undo his top Garnements and lift same above his head, so that the unfortunate prisoner couldnt see. Than his lower wearing apearal wher undone, and lowered to the Ground. So stood these poor innocent Prisoner naked, in gaze of about 60 soldiers wich had gathered, when the strongest and sturdiest Soldier on the Island, a Resident of Mount Gambier wher handed a Cat of Nine tails with the Cords out of Rohhide knotted at the end, and ordered to deal out 20 lashes. After the first few lashes given, us hearing the yelling and howling of the poor Victim also the Soldier singing out, Give it to him drove us nearly to mutiny. As soon as the 20 lashes had been dealt out, his hands wher released, when he colapsed; the Soldiers adjusting the Victims dress.

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