Item 15: Frank W. Bungardy narrative of events at Torrens Island Internment Camp, 1915 and Holsworthy Internment Camp, 1915-ca. 1919 - Page 122

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in the Cantine, at the rate of 4d per cake, also not having being issued a Bucket or Broom, and us being interned nearly for the period of 6 months made us complain in a body to the Camp Comandant Major Sands. Owing us knowing that the "Lock Up" could not harbor us all we got cheeky & demandet same. However we wher informed, that the Government dit not issue these articles, however he expected us to obey instruction & to do it as best we could under circumstances. So their wher nothing left but for each Mess-mate to contribute 6d per Men to enable us to buy a bucket & Broom. Of course we scrubbed without soap, as it would hawe been too expensive for us to waste such a precious article as 1 Shillings worth would have hardly been sufficient to scrub each Mess. On this Sunday while going around to see if Instructions had been carried out, Sergeant Meyer found 1 of the ground sheets issued by the Government being in use in 1 of the Mess as a table Cloth. For these offence they wher fined 3/6 each. Owing the pris refusing to pay this amount as the Groundsheet had not been damaged in the least they wher sentenced to 7 days in the Lock Up, for "Insolence. About Middle of February 1915 two Internees, German

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