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deal about Cairo but nothing about the wonderful ancient temples & the interesting fertile back country of Egypt. Of course if you don't see these things you don't realise what is missed – but once seen we think how lucky we are. And as I enjoy them I'm always conscious of the thought. How I wish you could all see them too – hence the attempt to tell you about them. As I said the train left at 8pm we travel everywhere for military fare which is half price. The night was glorious – these eastern nights are – twas bright moonlight and the reflection of them in the water below makes you feel as if you want to sit up and watch, but as we know there will be no hope of rest The next day we settle down & try to sleep. At dawn we are on the alert again watching the interesting life of the natives as they come down the banks of the Nile for water, attending to their morning work etc though that doesn't seem much for the live The Simple life but it quaint. The land is cultivated the whole way rich in date palm & beautiful Crops and the thousands of donkeys goats & camels look so fat.

We reach Luxor at 8.20am and are met by Ibrahim Ayad (A Guide or dragoman who was on the look out for us) We all liked Ibrahim at first sight & straight away accepted his services for 4 days. Our trust in him wasn't misplaced & when we said goodbye to him on Tuesday he had won all our hearts.

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