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home grown –You must forgive me mentioning nourishment but if you always went to London Restaurants for meals "baring breakfast" which we have at the Hotel you would feel like writing home about it. In the afternoon we motored around the pretty outskirts of Leicester, then visited Mr H Smart's home at Western park. This is my ideal English home. The perfect grounds converted into croquet & golf lawns – the flower beds rose garden the arched covered in roses – then you pass through the house garden – where raspberried – gooseberries apples & veg: grow then on opening the gate you find yourself in the most delightful woods. I have an invitation to come & stay here – how I would love to be able to accept it. On returning I find the others had enjoyed the day by visiting the Muse at Buckingham Palace in the Morning & by being shown over Parliament house in the afternoon, all expenses being paid by a Mr Williams. A wealthy Eng. Gentleman who evidently takes a keen interest in Australians, tomorrow he has invited us all to Afternoon Tea at the Zoological Gardens, but I am spending the day otherwise.

Sunday 11.7.1918
This morning I found my way to our Church at Argyle Square loved every minute of the Service. The Sermon from Mr Wilde was most helpful. I had previously made his acquaintance at the Swedenborg Society rooms, which is only a few doors down from Ivanhoe – so being in uniform he recognised me & after Service introduced me to Mrs Wilde – also to the President of the S-Society, the Hon Sir Joseph Compton-Rickett – Lady Rickett & their Son & Daughter. Now immediately I felt I loved these people & twas not because Lady CR said she was trying to recognise the uniform, and not find T for Territorials on it "as is on the English" she wondered

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