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so short a time – though I took some consolation to myself and thought perhaps I wasn't such a baby seeing that the raids at Calais had left a mark! You will be glad to know that when I left St Albans the Medical Officer game me a 1st Class certificate of health, and I was overjoyed to report to Miss Conyers, the next day ready for work. She really was very nice – asked me wouldn't I like a trip back to Australia to see my people and friends and where I could have plenty of good nourishing food then she added "You know Sister you have been off duty 3 months and if you get sick again you'll be sent back for good – whereas now you could have the trip and come out again – And see what it has done for me". Yes, certainly Miss C. looked a new made woman when she came back. Yet something within whispered – stick it to it Anne – And I replied that I felt so well that I had no fear of getting sick again You And I would rather not go then. You know I want ever so much to see you all and Australia too – but I diddent want to leave Ross. And this big struggle going on in France I thought might be the end of things And I wanted to be in at the finish – however I was told then to take a fortnight's leave then and report again. Now I could have gone to friends the whole time but I felt it would be imposing too much with the present difficulty of food and rations. So I decided to go off on a tour or my own. Am issued with two concession tickets, no sugar ticket, then I proceed to the Food Controller's office and get a travellers meat and butter ticket. This was Wendesday and I go to see my friend Stella and baby Geraldine – who is such a sweet winning little pet but not very well so I stay

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