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Tis my afternoon off & 6 of us are felluccering on the Nile – Very soon it will be unsafe for a month before the rising and 2 after they say it is dangerous.

Monday 7th As we were driving near the Kair-el-Nil barracks last eve, a band and crowd attracted our attention & on going to see what it was found it to be the 2500 Turkish prisoners marching through Cairo – I had my little camera & took some snaps. The poor things how tired and weary & thin they looked, such a ragamuffin lot – scarcely one had a decent pair of boots on & Their Torn & patchy semi-uniform was pitiful to see. The British line on either side with their bayonets was quite a contrast, but nothing as far as appearance goes could top our Anzacs. Werent we pleased to have seen them, but I couldn't get the thought of their woe-be-gone expression out of my mind & sincerely wished they would soon have a feed a bath & a rest. I looked & gazed at them & can quite understand now why our boys bear them no animosity – really they looked so kind hearted (not like fighting men) & I'm sure they were pleased to be our prisoners.

Matron will be disappointed to be away – Tis the first time she has left us, & The wounded coming in.

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