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that way until we come to a corner & then listen to an argument between two Tommies as to where we have to go. Eventually we find ourselves going up flights & flights of dark steps. Then we are in the top story of a block of buildings with light & bright fires burning. Mitch & I are there but where ever in Rush – she doesn't come – I secure a bed for her & all we can do is to wait. At ten we are given nourishment. After that Matron comes along and calls a roll. There are 5 S Nurses missing. Paul is one! Dora another' Later on in the night Paul appears. The five of them after a lot of difficulty were directed to the Sisters Home. They found it after going down a lane – over a large cabbage patch & down a hill – and were about to snuggle in with some of the Sisters when Matron finds them & makes them all get up & follow a guide back again.

Twas laughable this morning the tales the different ones had to tell – Groups had been getting lost in all directions. One Sister twice went to knock at what she thought in the darkness was a house & when the got up close felt it was a haystack. Later she found a cottage & coeed – but no response.

Evening – As soon as daylight came I jumped

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