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From the Grand Reception room we go into the Throne Room which is used for Investitures of the Order of the Garter. At one end under a canopy of State is a Silver Gilt Throne set with Crystals and amethysts. It is used by the King at the ceremonies. He was originally the Throne of the King of Candy. We follow on through the Ante Throne room – The Waterloo Chamber & the Grand Vestibule – All full of interest; The head pilot in black civilian dress & kid gloves appears & says "the King will be pleased if you will now take of some light refreshment, and he has commissioned princess Christian and Princess Alexandra of Teck as her representatives. Will you please step this way"? A few steps and we are in the Serving room. There is Armour all around the walls. Princess Christian was very charming and in speaking said how much she admired our uniform – In what way I asked one Sister. She replied "for the quietness and unobtrusiveness" Then Sister Said how good it was of them to do so much for us. Oh No She replied It is you who have come so far leaving home & friends to do so much for us. She Said She did not care for nursing herself, but admired those who did it. Princess Alexandra spoke in much the same way remarking how tidy & neat we all were. Her little boy was there handing around cakes. He was such a dear little fellow. (Prince Rupert)

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