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you say I wonder She hasn't written a line.

You'll be tired of learning about the weather – we hear comments the live long day & experiencing it too. Yet the worst is to come. We are all looking more or less anaemic & will be so glad to reach our destination. Tomorrow morning we expect to be in Aden – very few if any are going ashore. We are told that the interesting thing there to see are the Roman wells which date back to the time of Moses. They are a few miles out of the town & as our stay is expected to be only 2 hours it would not give us time to go though I should love to visit such an old land mark.
The sea today was beautiful "Arabian Sea" it looked as if we were making a streak through glass – quite different to our sea – There were numbers of flying fish about & we saw 3 whales & 3 boats, quite an event for us.
We still watch the Southern Cross at nights but only 3 more nights to see it. Then I wonder when we shall see it again.
Dr Stawell gave us another lecture this afternoon on "The Story of the Red Cross". I mention

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