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moment then in a loud voice calls out "Suffragettes" and runs for his life.
We reach Dublin at midnight so tired- and I rise early to take the 1st train for Belfast & discover there is not one until evening – perforce have to wait. It's the custom in Dublin that the first thing a visitor should do is to drive through Dublin and [indecipherable] pack in a jaunting car. So to be in the fashion we do it. Our driver as usual points out the places of interest on the way. The Rotunda Hospital – Cathedrals etc. Then some distance ahead towering in white is the memorial to Daniel O'Connell & presently stopping at a gate almost opposite we are asked to get out. I ask what place it is & why. "Oh" says the driver "This is the cemetery and I have orders to leave you here for ¼ of and hour." I wasn't sorry for it's the most beautiful cemetery I have seen and with truth it can well be the people's pride – One could spend a day there – the magnificent statuary – the lovely lawn & walks and cypress trees. However Daniel O'Connell M is the chief attraction – a man standing near asks if we would like to go down and see the Coffin. To the left of the entrance is buried D G'C's faithful friend and fellow prisoner 'Thomas Steele" & the words inscribed 'Love is stronger than death'. We go down some steps into the vault – are asked to touch the Coffin & shown the Coffin of DO'C family. On the Wall is written 'My heart to Rome My body to Ireland, My soul to Heaven. The liberator of his country.
Phoenix Park is beautiful (7 miles) the bud trees & herds of red deer. We see the Lord Lieutenant's Lodge. Guinesses Brewery- the Royal Chapel – and are soon in Sackville St. 'Once Dublin's pride' but now in a deplorable state owing to the rebellion. I asked our driver what had become of the Sinn Feiners. He said of course some were in prison

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