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won't have the same shelter & comforts as us. It's to be hoped that the war will be over by then. My dears talk about giving you war newspapers. When the unit firs came here in the beginning of August, they could hear the firing distinctly whilst the big engagement was on. After that a lot of surgery was done here but since the Hospital is full of chiefly medical cases. It is disappointing to the skilled Surgeons we have with their beautiful outfit for modern Surgery Sir Alexander MacCormac left today. I expect he felt his time waster here. I could tell you such a lot of interesting tit-bits but they would border on the personal & critical so will reserve them for the fireside next winter ???

On the 18th (the Anniversary of the 1st troops which left Sydney) the boys celebrated it by giving a concert over in Sarpi Camp across the bay. The OC Sent a general invitation to the Sisters. I was off duty & joined a party of 4 to go. Three Officers Sailed across to meet us & take us once but what with the high wind & tacking the concert was half over when we arrived, reserved seats were held inside but we couldent wedge our way through the crowd, so instead were taken to the OC's tent & entertained there. Captain L Lloyd seemed to be allotted 70 me & I enjoyed his conversation immensely. He is only 24 years of [age]

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