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time to hear all the details myself. At present I only know what Sister Dorson 'My Canadian friend' told me when she came to visit me at Southwell Gardens.

It's a marvel to me that they weren't all swallowed up when the push began on March 21st. You know I cannot help saving a feeling of respect for our world enemy when I think a sense of fairness has been exercised in their methods, and twice it came to us that the Germans had warned these two C.C.S. to move or else they would finish them – and the latter, warning was like calmly giving one a months notice – Leed was taken in Flat 21 moved back 9 miles to -----. And 48 was preparing to do the same but ere it was done, and to within 3 days of their promise over they advanced. My friend was still there on the morning when the battle commenced at 4.30a.m. But she was lucky in that her leave being previously through she left at 7.30a.m. So getting away with her luggage when two hours later the other Sisters just escaped with their lives. Her description of what the tumult was like ever as she left was like going through fires of hell. The noise was terrific, the air black and thick with dust whilst the earth never ceased quivering from the shells that were coming thick and fast from behind. She will never forget the sad sight of the refugees as they hurried along the bye roads. I did hear "but I cannot vouch for the truth of it that all the C.C.c's belonging to the 3rd Army (Sir Julian Byngl) were lost. And the booty the Germans have captured must be enormous. Poor Sister I could see she had gone through such a lot since I had see her. She had not long been out from Canada – was one of he bonniest girls you could wish to see. She did confess to me of having a Touch of Shell shock – and its sad to say a girls hearth go so much below par on

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