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allowed a gallon of water a head per day. It dosen't go far when you do your own washing- so we study economy. Huts are springing up fast & improvements being made in all directions. There is a large English Hospital "3400 beds" now on the site that was to have been ours- They are calling themselves "The Dardanelles Hepital" but we have set up an opposition to that as we claim, and are, the Pioneers here. It was opened the other day- and our d own dear old convalescent boys were sent there- much to their & our indignation & in their place they sent us the frost bitten Tommies.
Sister Mitchell is convalescing from a severe attack of Dysentry. We are faring better now as regards food- several more canteens have opened- and oranges are procurable- small one -/2 each- fresh too- Now we have porridge- more butter "rather marjarine" eggs & occasionally fresh meat. There has been such drastic results from the lack of proper nourishment that we are appreciating being able to get things to suit us- even if they are an exorbitant price.
Dec 11th. Sister Rush Submitted to the inevitable last night, after being on duty c a T. of 104. To-day she went to the Sick Sisters tent. Dr de Crespigny says it's an acute attack of Influenza. Tomorrow a party of 5 of us have permission & passes to go to Castro the Capital of the Island.
Dec. 14th The Kastro trip was very enjoyable. We

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