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that during our 5 months on the island 7400 Patients were treated & the death rate percentage was only 21/2 which was considered excellent. Not one of the staff have died – though many have been seriously ill & we are quite proud of that – by the way Colonel's pet horse died also his kookaburra & our grey bonnets that we disliked so much, died a natural death there. Grey felt hats are on the way out from England for us – also more stylish grey coats. Bridge - quoits & deck tennis are good pastimes on board – but my favourite time comes when sisters Hoadley – Mitchell – Rush & I get into our corner & play the social game of 500. They call it the gambler corner – but I never get tired of it.
23rd. Alexandria again & Arabs. – We arrived yesterday morning & this afternoon are going up to Cairo. A mail has just come on for us & we are trembling with excitement to get our letters.
26th Mena House Cairo. Now we are having another few days holiday. Half of we sisters are being housed here & the other half at the Palace at Heliopolis, just while our hospital is having the final touches put to it. It is to be at Abysiek for the Time being – a short distance from Ciaro - between there & Heliopolis – So we have landed into civilisation. I want to thank you all for the things you have sent papers etc. but please don't send any more – photography material too of course. Of course when I asked we were given to understand that Lemnos would probably be our home for a year or two – but now I can

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