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My little camera has given & is giving me more pleasure than I can say. When off duty I have two hobbys – remembering you - & photography I am handicapped with the latter because of film & self toning or printing paper not being obtainable on the Island. Kind friends can you read what is coming, if so, I hope it will be to join me in my pleasure by sending some along for a VP Kodac though tis not only my pleasure but I trust many others. There is nothing I can think of more than would gladden a Mother's hear than a little snap-shot of her boy. Already I have been able to give our boys in B2 Ward one each to send home for Xmas & they were delighted. I am nearly at a standstill now, but am hoping Mrs Fiaschi will send some from England - She will if it is permitted, but I'm doubtful for when we were in England no cameras were allowed to be used – indeed one of our Sisters was so innocently using one one day & she was all but imprisoned for it poor little thing she was terrified. There is nothing much to tell or can tell – Truly it makes me smile when I say that because unintentionally I tell you all the items that I think you would like to hear. Rumour says that Lord Kitchener is on his way over here.

10th Today in the lines I passed a dear little dog, stopped & made a great fuss

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