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coast of Africa on the other. We passed the rock of Gibraltar at 3.30 this a.m. and soon after anchored opposite the [indecipherable]. There are some very fine buildings there. We saw Trafalgar Bay where the Battle was fought. The ship only waited to receive her orders & "they say" to know the course to dodge the submarine. Won't it be great to be able to travel without the fear of mines or torpoedos and no life belts always by your side. One comfort a Hospital Ship gives & that is we don't travel in darkness.

October 4th Professor Adam from the Melbourne University, akd at present the Padre of the ship and a man who seems to have won the admiration of all on board, held a Thanksgiving Service at 7.30 this evening. He chose for his text The Lord hath been mindful of us. He will bless us. It was a beautiful & trustful parting message. A few minutes later the Anchor dropped & our journey is near the end. We now lie between the Isle of Wight & the south of England.

At that moment I was sought for a game of Auction bridge. I begin to flatter myself that I play rather well. I ought to improve anyway, for apart from these few lines I have absolutely done noting else but play bridge or teach it the whole way – of course after the sea sickness passed off.

5th at 2pm this morning at 7 we started

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