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[Page 268]

…………corner to meet the mail I meet 3 ladies going for a ……………to Bucks Mills. I receive an impromptu invitation ……the day with them. It was such a nice day too …………on the beach. The next day I go on to Lynton ………and see the magnificient Scenery around ……………. The waters meet in Lyn Valley – the Valley of rocks & …..rock. Now glancing up I see I have come to the 14th page & must think of signing my name to all this. And is it all worth the reading? Do tell me my friends if I bore you. It's my chief delight to write to you, & I have lots to tell you yet, Time lately has been so precious – we have been ever so busy here. During our busiest time too the Influenza swept over us which involved extra work on those who kept well. When the worst was over – help came – but I shall always think that they were sent too late & at the price of death – for Sister Sakinton – one of our dear comrades who was with us in Lemnoss & who felt she couldn't give in – one might say died at the post – for she was on duty the day previous & died the next day at Southwell Gardens of Pneumonia. It was a sad shock to us all. The was buried in our peaceful corner with our own [indecipherable] boys.

I did not finish telling of my holiday then & the last two days was the best that crowned all the others for they were lived & loved with those dear friends who have been so good to me – The Robjohns at Bexhill, Mrs Robjohns is the dearest old lady it has been my priviledge to know – And her two daughter-in-law are just as charming as their lovely Mother – and equally as good are they to some of our Australian boys.

Good-bye dears. I must stop now with ever so much love

Sincerely Yours
Anne Donnell

PS: From all accounts the Sammys and Aussies like each other well. I thought they would.

[Transcribed by Margaret Swinton, Margaret Broadfoot, Lynne Palmer for the State Library of New South Wales]

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