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"Sic deve delexit mondum". As we were walking around I saw a finger pointing on the wall "To the Crypt" & knowing that dear old Bobs was lately buried there I was anxious to go down & see is grave. You pay -/6 & go down to see his grave are shown over by a Guide – Green laurels are still fresh on it. It is lying side by side with Field Marshall Lord Wolsleys & only a few paces from the Duke of Wellington. The Duke of Wellingtons & Lord Nelsons' occupy the two Central & most favoured or important position in the Crypt – also they are the only two who are buried above ground – of course The Grandeur of these are beyond words – On the side of Wellington was a small fresh laurel wreath that had a card attached with the words June 18th 1915 "Not unmindful". A momento of the battle of Waterloo fought just 100 Years ago. At one end of the Crypt was the funeral car which was especially made to take the coffin. This was drawn by 12 black horses & costing £ 20,000 – 500ft long & 250ft wide. In the Cathedral directly above the Duke's Tomb is a grand memorial to him & on straining your eyes to the Top of it you see him riding his Charger. On coming outside there's the dearest softest little pigeons hopping all around. They quite make the place their home – the old ladies appear to love feeding them & play with them. In the twilight of the evening we sat in the Victoria Embankment Gardens by the Thames listening to a Military band.

Somehow I feel about powerless to tell you of 20-days outing "From the Time we had our photos taken at 10am in indoor uniform to the ships of the British Museum

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