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to supply every town in Great Britain for 12 Months. The Temples of Philae have been partly submerged by the dam & tis beautiful rowing across to see them. I will send you snaps taken although they will only give you a dim idea of what they are in reality. We are back at the Hotel by 9.30 – freshen up a bit, visit the bazaar buy some picturesque straw baskets & beads galore. I think all my little girl friends in Australia will be receiving Strings of beads made by the Sudanese children. At 11am we start on our long journey o f600 miles to Cairo, reaching home at 8 next morn. I go on duty for the day & the following night on to night duty (but I have asked for it because Sister Rush was on night duty & we wanted to be together) was the rush of the Trip worth it. Yes, indeed it was such a Tonic in every way.

April 10th: Still on N.D. as the inoculation effects have passed off I can feeling happier with everything in general.
I am sorry to say that we have had two cases of smallpox (both boys dies) and there are several nurses & patients quarantined. It seems such a shame as if the poor boys haven't enough to put up with. There is no doubt about Egypt being unhealthy & another terrifying disease is Billarzioses, which is caused by bathing or paddling in the Nile. Tis almost certain death.

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