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not expected & not prepared for. They only had word of one coming 12 an hour before & fancy 300 of us 'including Orderlies' walked in. You can imagine it being rather a surprise. I believe they had heard so many times of the Australians coming that they took it for granted we were myths. Twas an unpleasant awakening and at 8pm too. Soon our Matron's voice is calling "I want the Sisters. Matron has room for the Sisters at the Home". So off they go. Presently a flash is thrown on us & an English Sister says "Come this way Staff Nurses I am taking you to an empty Ward. Percisely what happened its hard to tell but the 70 of us tried to follow upstairs along corridors down stairs – outside – then the flash would be ever so far away & soon it disappeared entirely. I was clinging close to Mitch with Rush a step behind but we had taken a wrong turning & found ourselves with a few more standing in a garden in the misty rain ne'er a light, & pitch dark. We were puzzled which way to go – then in the distance somewhere we hear May's pitiful voice calling Dora Dora, are you there? Dora where are you. We start on the direction the voice cam from & are soon on to a road. Then we hear the welcome voice of one of our own Sergeants saying "This way girls" We go

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