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from my dream by some person wanting to take my Cross off. I felt like clasping my hand over it and saying leave it there – but I meekly let him take it – he kept the look put my Cross in a case & handed it back to me.

On rejoining the others we proceed to Marlborough House. We were very excited at the thought of seeing Queen Alexandra and when we were shown into the room where the Queen Mother received us I just feasted my eyes on her until my turn came. It was all so informal and she was so sweet. It might have been the Queen's private sitting room, it was so warm and cosy. The Queen stood there looking so sweet and frail and graceful dressed in a soft black material with sequins. She was supported on either side by – and the British principal Matron. Lord Knowles who looked like Father Xmas stood with his back to the fire Taking in the scene. The – explained in a loud voice 'The Queen is very deaf" and that we were Australians'. She smiled and said some nice things about us coming so far and how glad she was that we had been given the R.R.C. She presents each one with a picture and a book called 'The way of the Red Cross'. One funny thing I noticed when we were back in the Hall putting on our coats we were all so full of Adoration for the beautiful Queen Mother, one of the Sisters exclaimed "Oh; Matron, isn't she the Sweetest old Thing? A tall personage in a Georgeous red Coat who was helping me into my coat looked aghast at Sister – his expression said What will those Australians say next. I was immensely amused. Once again we cram into our Taxi & make for Horsferry Road to report to Miss Conyers. It was a terrible come down as anyone who has been there will know, to be put down in that mean

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