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home at Eastbourne and I to Brighton.

March 3rd Really it is wonderful what can happen in a fortnight. As soon as I enter my room I am greeted with volumes of news – Some good – some disappointing – those of us who are going to France are delighted of course – but 4 of the original unit are being left behind – Sisters Bell Rush & McMillan are three of them. Then two weddings to-morrow Sister Walsh & my friend S Davis. I am pleased to be back for her. Matron & I went to the wedding & She looked perfectly sweet & pretty in a nut brown Costume. Capt Hogan had on his Top Service Coat – stained with mud & looking as if it had done good Service on The Somme. I fancy Stills must have asked him to keep it on for when I whispered how unique it was she smiled proudly & said "Yes, isn't it nice Anne?

7th I'm feeling off colour with a cold & a persistent cough that makes me feel like an old woman. And these terrible northerly March winds pierce through one at every corner & the ward I am in is like a vault. We have 108 boys in J – mostly Australian such dear things, & how they do appreciate Blighty after the trenches.

March 14th Twas inevitable I could cry at getting Sick at this Stage – for the fear of being left behind – but I have been in the Sick Sisters 4 days and it's a perfect haven of rest & with the Sweetest of Sisters looking after us. I have a companion in distress Sister Mary McIlroy & its laughable the efforts we make to get well. I take anything even Cod liver oil & [indecipherable] & pray for the blue sky & the blurred sunshine & Mary pathetically says "Oh Anne for a bottle of Condensed Australia".

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