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being quite refreshed we start off at 10am in a motor boat with the man who takes the mails about 4 miles up to Lake to Inversnaid – from there we hire a comfortable conveyance which holds us all – Our driver Duncan Macgregor – speaks such broad Scotch that we scarcely understand him – never the less he is entertaining. He draws our attention first to the path that leads to Rob Roys Cave & further on points out the ruins of the Cottage where RR wooed his bride. The drive is to Stronachlacher 'about 7 miles on' the banks of Lock Katrine and up hill all the way. We try in our minds eye to picture all the scenery in to Summer dress with the blue sky and the sun shining & smiling. The trees Green 'the birch – oak – hazel & Scottish furs and with their shades & shadows. The ferns & the running burns – the wild flowers – The purple heather & the sweet scent of it all. Still though it is the dull grey of the winter we enjoy it & there is the faintest purple haze over the many snow speckled mountains – the black faced winter Highland Sheep with their long grey coats lends to the rocky scenery. In the valleys and by the roadside there are forests of old trees leafless now, but the hedges and shrubs have the silvery drops on their delicate sprigs from the recent shows & they are pretty. We only see 3 highland Cattle. We drive back & dine at the Inversnaid Hotel and enjoy Scotland Scenes. And then walk the mile & a half by the lake to see Rob Roys Cave. Nearing evening we return by the same motor boat. The beautiful L Lomond is 21 miles long – 5 broad at its broadest point & 640 ft deep. It is possessed on one side by the Earl or Duke of Montrose & on the other by Sir Ian Coloquhoun. Hundreds of red deer are on the mountains & by looking up we could see some on the skyline.

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