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I haven't seen for 6 years. Does it mean that if he gets his furlough & comes over here to see me that I musen't go our or speak to him. The reply is "That's the order".

We never asked for Stars – in fact we dislike them. We have never received a Commission from the King. We left Australia as Nursing Sisters and as such we wish to be. Why inflict our freedom so, and with a threat that would cast a slur, if acted upon – on us & the whole of the Australian Nursing Service abroad. Our boys have left home & country to give their lives – if need be – in a strange land. Could we slight them so – and for an unwritten order – No – we simply couldn't. In this instance our hearts rise above such unreasonableness. What will the consequence be We dearly love our Unit – and pieces that have appeared in the papers from time to time will tell you we have done good service.

If a friend or relative from the ranks came to see me, in fact, any of us & the threat acted upon – well I think we might just as well be recalled to Australia. We want you all to know out there & wonder if something could be done for us. We don't like disobeying but words fail to express our indignation.

Some will go on in the same old way & simply ignore it & await results. Some are writing letters to Aus papers for publication. The Agent Generals for Tasmania & SA are

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