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to all this tomorrow. I remember now I have never mentioned one of the wonders of Cairo and that is its Museum with all its antiquities. It seems to me it would take years of study to know it well enough to thoroughly appreciate it, or be able to describe it. I visited it several times and was chiefly interested in the carving of a cow (the best carving of its kind in the world and goodness knows its age, some thousands of years – and dits as perfect today as at the time it was done). The ancient jewels and the Mummies especially those of Rameses ? you know lived in the time of Moses (The Pharoah of the Oppression) and twas his daughter that found Moses in the bulrushes off Roda Island.

We waved our good-bye to Egypt. The land of perpetual sunshine – Just 8 months we were there. Yesterday morning at 6a.m. the train was at our front door ready for loading & at 10p.m. the whistle blew & we were off. We travelled all night and at 5a.m. we arrived at the Wharf at Alexandria just opposite the Karoola. All we had to do was to step off the train, go up the gangway & your on board. The neatest piece of military work. We noticed a

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