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a keen soldier & has won the Military Cross for bravery. Time passed so quickly & it must have been nearing midnight when we had a delicious cup of cocoa & left. Arriving at the rocky jetty?? We discover the pier master drunk, so a boy was taken A lib to take us across – but to get a start on they couldn't, at last a motor boat came to the rescue & towed us ¾ way over, then they couldn't manage her & eventually we were carried ashore one by one reaching home somewhere about 2a.m. having thoroughly enjoyed it all.

Such a number of our Sisters have been sick poor S O'Neill's life was dispared of for a time but she has recovered, it's this terrible amoebic dysentery. It has been the means of the life of the Canadian Matron & one of their Sisters. They were buried with full Military honours about a month ago. Dear old Colonel Stawell has been very ill ever Since he has been here & has now been sent to England. Several of the Sisters have gone too but for the change of the [indecipherable] only. Several Drs belonging to the Unit have been drafted to other sphere & today the outlook generally seems anything but bright. The weather is terrible so bitterly cold with a high wind & rain we are nearly frozen even in our balaclavas – mufflers – mitten – Cardigan Jackets – Rain Coats & Wellingtons. It's a Mercy to have ample warm clothing, else we should

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