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Do you know I haven't seen rain in Egypt. It did come down one Sunday morning for about an hour which flooded the pathway from the Home to the Hospital. (They have no drainage for rain here) but that was when I was in Tuscany. The sun never fails to shine from early morn till night & with the lovliest of blue skies and the weather is becoming perfectly delightful. With the exception of the cold 4 months at Lemnos we have had 2 1/1 long hot summers & if we stayed here we would just revel in a Cairo winter but I don't think that is for No 3 from what one can hear I think ere this month will is out we will be on another journey.

3rd This afternoon Sister Berriman and I went out to see Miss Graham. She is very well. It's a British Infections Hospital & all English except the Sisters – who are Australian. I'm going to tell you a bit of Gossip now of how a lot of English Sisters at Alex and here refused to stay and do duty in Egypt "said that the term they signed on for was 12 months. And they would not stay longer" Consequently the English Hospitals ha to advertise for VADs. Bonuses were promised the Sisters to stay but no they won't change their minds. I heard on good Authority that the reason was that after they had been in Egypt 12 months they would

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